Eddy Wymeersch

European Financial Regulation: how to make it workable

WP 2016-04

Everyone working in the field of financial regulation - but in other fields as well - is struck by the great number of documents that are being proposed or adopted in this field by the international institutions (FSB, BCBS, BIS, OECD, etc.), but even in greater quantity, by the European institutions. The present paper is aimed at exposing this problem and its increasing complexity, leading to a risk of destabilising the financial regulatory system, creating overlaps and gaps, and possibly engaging the liability of financial institutions. But the problem can be solved. The first and most practical solution consists of organising an integrated website where all texts of whatever nature are posted in a coordinated way, integrating the respective changes and the implementing documents, including level 3, q&a's, recommendations and other authoritative statements. As in many fields, national legislation remains applicable, it should be included.

An initiative from the European institutions would be most welcome.