Eddy Wymeersch

Revisoren en notarissen: de synergieën optimaliseren

WP 2002-15

The paper consists of a speech given by the author at the conference "auditors and notaries: optimising the synergies"?. This colloquium focused on the common problems that the professionals in both occupations are confronted with in corporate law matters. The author emphasizes that thorough, professional yet also prudent advise should be the guiding principle for the manner in which auditors and notaries fulfil their tasks. The authors then briefly examines some important new rules introduced by thenew Belgian Corporate Governance Act. These include the introduction of an (optional) "executive committee" next to the existing (mandatory) board of directors and the introduction of the possibility to hold the general meeting of shareholders in writing instead of in person. The act also allows for a legal person to be director of a corporation. Finally, the act introduces stringent rules concerning the auditors'independence, including a cooling-off period and a blacklist of "forbidden" activities.