PhD Researcher

    Louise Van Marcke


    Louise Van Marcke (1996) is a PhD candidate for the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and a member of the Financial Law Institute. She holds a bachelor of science in Public Administration and Management (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Ghent University) and graduated with a Master of Laws (magna cum laude) in 2020, focusing on corporate, capital markets and financial law. In September 2020, she joined the Financial Law Institute as a doctoral researcher.

    Louise is preparing a PhD dissertation concerning ‘chains of intermediaries’: a comparative legal analysis of the corporate law problems caused by chains of intermediaries in the holding of shares in listed companies and their possible solutions, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Hans De Wulf.

    In addition, Louise is a member of the editorial secretary of the bilingual journal Tijdschrift voor Rechtspersoon en Vennootschap – Revue pratique des sociétés (TRV-RPS) and a member of the Belgian Centre for Company Law. She will be visiting the Commercial Law Centre (Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford) as a junior academic visitor from January until March 2023 (Hilary term).