Reinhard Steennot

Bankieren via internet: het belang van de elektronische handtekening

WP 2000-10

The internet and the rising importance of electronic commerce create new challenges for financial institutions. Although financial institutions at present enable their clients to initiate several transactions via the internet, they do not yet conclude contracts on-line without prior establishment of a contractual relationship through classical means, i.e. a written contract. An important reason for this is the absence of a legal framework, which would give parties to the transaction absolute security as to acceptance of their electronic signature as a proof in court. Furthermore the question arises in what way financial institutions can meet their obligations arising from money laundering laws. This article aims at researching the impact of the currently debated Belgian bill on the recognition of electronic signatures on these issues. Published in: Tijdschrift voor Bank- en Financiewezen 2000, 630-639.