PhD Researcher and Academic Assistant

    Gauthier Vandenbossche


    Gauthier Vandenbossche (1997) is a PhD candidate and academic assistant at the Faculty of Law and Criminology (Department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law and Financial Law Institute) and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation) at Ghent University. He joined the Financial Law Institute in October 2020.

    Gauthier graduated summa cum laude as Master of Science in Business Administration (Taxation) in 2020.

    He has a strong interest in law and the intersection between law and business economics. Gauthier is preparing a PhD dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Diederik Bruloot and Prof. Dr. Bertel De Groote in the area of insolvency law, focusing on the optimization of the scope of application of insolvency procedures. The main objective of his research is to find out whether currently the right entities are ending up in the right insolvency procedure and to what extent optimizations are possible.

    Gauthier publishes within the field of insolvency law, business law, company law and tax law. He is teaching assistant for the legal courses in Business Administration (in particular “Inleiding tot het recht” and “Belastingstrategie”).